Apr 1, 2012

First V4@Haycock Mountain

Yusuke and I went to Haycock Mountain with Yo today.  We first headed to Before the Storm V7* which Yusuke wanted to finish.  It took some time, but finally trusting his heel hook, he sent it as he called!
Yo was trying The Bubbler V6* and getting close to sending it, but decided to keep it for next time ; )  I'm sure he'll finish it easily.
Anyway, we moved to The Tooth, where there was a V4* that Yo recommended me to get on.  I knew from his words that he tried this problem several times to see if it works in my tiny size and short reach!!  And thanks to his effort, I was able to send it in a few tries!!!!!!  Now I finally updated my highest grade in Haycock Mountain followed by Castle Hill, NZ and Governance Stable, PA.  Hope I can send Lorax V4* in The Gunks to establish a stronger triangle!
V4* on The Tooth

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