Apr 7, 2012

First V4@The Gunks Trapps

Yeeeeeees!!!  Finished Lorax V4* as I announced!  Took many tries to find out the exact move, but when I found it, I was even able to resend it to take a movie.  It seems that whenever I send a V4, I'm not lucky to have the camera on, but by resending it, I can surely prove that I'm able to send a V4 not just by luck, LOL! 

Lorax V4*

Yo on New Pair of Glasses V7*
Today, we went with Yo and was planning to meet up with Hezzy, Ace & Mike, but also incidentally met with Ikko & Rie and the Kim Family!  Ikko, Ace & Mike also sent Lorax V4* and Hezzy got New Pair of Glasses V7*!!  Congrats!!  Yo was almost there, but definitely sure that he can send it next time!  While waiting, I got on Stained Boulder Problem V1 which was not as easy as I thought, but gladly sent.
Yusuke on The Budda V7*
We all moved to Andrew Boulder where each of us had our own problem to get on.  Yusuke resent The Buddha V7* and strongly sent The Illustrious Buddha V8*!!
Takako on Andrew Boulder Problem V4*
I tried Andrew Boulder Problem V4* and got to the cross move in my first try for the first time!!!  Needed to practice soooo many times but as a result, I did make a huge progress.  If I remember today's move and body balance, I may be able to get further OR by chance, finish it.  
Yusuke and Yo also got on Art of Nothing V8, but both struggled to figure out a static move from their height. 

Now that I sent three V4s, I'm surely going to get on some more to prove that I'm a V4 climber!!

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