Apr 15, 2012

The Gunks Lost City

Takako on V1
 Yo took Alex, Yusuke and me to The Gunks Lost City.  Since Yusuke injured his left hand and wanted to climb slowly, Yo suggested to go to the right area where there were more easy problems that Alex and I could get on.
We first warmed up on some V1s that was techy and fun!
Takako on V3
I then hopped on a V3 that looked like "my kind of style", but couldn't overcome the reachy move...  Looking at the right  photo, I now know that I can reach it if my right leg was straight!!  Next time, I'll get this.
Takako on Lighthouse V3

  Another V3 I tried was named Lighthouse V3.  This was surprisingly more of my kind!!  After finding out the start move and practicing the crux, I sent it in 2 tries.   

Yo and Yusuke was trying a A Little Something Something V5 that looked soooo bad...  Yusuke was able to send it, but didn't look like a V5!
Yo on A Little Something Something V5
Yusuke on A Little Something Something V5

Takako on Flying Jay V5
We all tried Flying Jay V5, but I couldn't get the dead point move...  If I could get that, I'm sure I can send this but I need to practice more heel hooks and straighten my heel muscle!!

I also tried Underworld V4 to increase my climbing grade pyramid, but this problem was out of my box!  No way I can send this in a while... orz
On the other hand, Alex was doing well on this problem.  So strong!

Alex on Underworld V4

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