Apr 12, 2012

Becoming a V4 Climber!? @Gunks Peter's Kill

Takako on Mentos V4*
  Yusuke was able to get a half-day off today, so we headed to The Gunks Peter's Kill.  He wanted to get on Tiger Style V7* which he dreamed to send for a long time, and I wanted to see if there is any possibility to try Mentos V4* which had so much moves I was weak of... heel hook and over hang...
Yusuke on Tiger Style V7*
  Yusuke however, after 3 practices of the lung move, he decided to start from the beginning so I turned on the video and he easily finished it!!!!  WOW!  He's got strong indeed!!

Takako on Mentos V4*
 Now it was my turn... earlier than expected, but had no choice but to try.  After figuring out some moves, I was ready to try from the beginning, so Yusuke turned on the video and surprisingly, I finished it so easily!!!  

Mentos V4*

 Both of us accomplished our own mission faster than expected, Yusuke hopped on Delicate Soul V7*.  It took a little bit more time than Tiger Style, but he strongly sent it! 
So again it was my turn...  I decided to get on Diving Board V1 which was one of the problems that I couldn't even start a year ago.  It took some time to find out the move, but soon after I knew how to get in position, I was able to send it!

Diving Board V1

Mentos V4* is still my 4th V4, but since the problem was absolutely not my style, I believe I am getting near to a true V4 Climber!!

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