Mar 31, 2012

My Birthday

On my birthday, Yusuke surprised me with a bouquet before we headed to dinner.  He also reserved a birthday dinner at PF Market in West Caldwell. 
It was our first time to go there, but we very much enjoyed everything including the food and restaurant itself!
We had Little Neck Clam, East coast Oyster & West coast Oyster from the raw bar for appetizer.  West coast Oysters were smaller but the taste was more concentrated than the East coast Oysters.  It's always good when you can order from one piece!
PF Market Special

For Entree, Yusuke had Chilean Seabass and I had the PF Market Special which was 1 1/2lb lobster with clams and mussels!!  Both dishes were not only delicious but great cost performance from the size!!!

Chilean Seabass

Since this restaurant was BYOB, Yusuke brought us a bottle of Belgium beer and a Napa Valley Chardonnay.  I enjoyed both with the food!!

And for dessert, which is very VERY VERY rare for us, we ordered Cappuccino Creme Brulee and Mascarpone, both in just the good portion for us!

Thanks to Yusuke, I had the best birthday! (as always!)

Sakura@Branch Brook Park Newark, Nj

We went to Branch Brook Park to see the Sakura.   Not so many like the parks in Japan, but just enough to enjoy the spring! 

Mar 24, 2012

The Gunks Trapps

Taka on Lorax V4*
Yusuke and I went to The Gunks Trapps today.  I wanted to try Lorax V4* to see if I became stronger than last year.  Surprisingly, I easily figured out how to get to the mantle position and can get there smoothly.  However, I just can't get the last hold!!!  After getting the opposite faced pinch hold with my left hand, I try to rock over by heel hooking the lip, but by the time I found this move, I was too tired...  Well, maybe next time I can send this when I'm fresh.
Yusuke on A New Pair of Glasses V7
On the other hand, Yusuke sent two V7s and a very bad V4 within 2-3 hours! Both A New Pair of Glasses V7* and Dirty White Boys and Puerto Ricans V7* were highball problems and very scary just spotting him...  I'm glad he sent it in just a few tries or my heart wouldn't last. 
Don't know when we will be back to the Trapps, but I definitely want to finish Lorax V4* which will be my first V4 in The Gunks!
Yusuke on The Fin V4*
Yusuke lunging on Dirty White Boys and Puerto Ricans V7*

Mar 19, 2012

Governor Stable

Taka on Yeast V4****
 Since the weather forecast said that it would be warm, we decided to head to Governor Stable in Pennsylvania with Yasu & Mayu.  It was actually a bit too hot for bouldering, but Mayu & I enjoyed the coming of Spring.
Taka on Crux of The Lieutenant V1****

 We first stopped at the Upstream Area and we all warmed up with Private Slabby V0*****.  Good job to Mayu, since it should have been the highest boulder problem she ever tried!!!  Then I tried The Lieutenant V1**** , which was so techie considering to a V1; smearing to a high crimp foot hold while holding to a sloppy gaston!! With relief, I hopped on The Scoop V0**** and then tried Balarete V3****, but again this problem was all about  balance; getting to a slot hold with your right hand low near your right foot.

Balarete V3****

Mayu on Glass Arete V1*****
I also had a hard time figuring out an easy way to send Glass Arete V1*****, but after all, I went with Yasu's scary move!  Mayu was doing good for a beginner, figuring out her own move using a knee bar!!  I bet she learned a lot by herself this day.
She OS three V0s and flashed three V0s, which of one Yasu was screaming "Spot shite-! Shinu-!", meaning "Spot me or I'm gonna die!".
Yasu on Bread Loaf Arete V4*****

But Yasu did send his first V4; Balarete SD version and almost sent Bread Loaf Arete V4*****.

Yusuke on Cobra V5*****

Yusuke sent all the easy stuff we got on and also a 5 star V5; Moby's Dick V5*****He tried Cobra V5***** but unfortunately, this problem was for big guys....


Actually, I also sent my FIRST V4 in the States!!  It only took 2 tries, so I believe this problem was made just for me!
Yeast V4****

Since I didn't want this V4 to look just too easy, I looked for a 5 star V3 to get on and sent it with my own move. 
Casablanca V3*****

Overall, I loved Governor Stable!!  There were tons of easy problems even with stars on them and the problems were definitely my style : )

Mar 12, 2012

First V3@Haycock Mountain

Another day to Haycock Mountain with Yo.  I was just thinking of sending some V1s or V2s because the grading here is a bit harder,  but since I couldn't finish Teddy Bear Picnic V2**, I had no interest to even get on  a V3.  However, Yusuke and Yo encouraged me to get on Hematoma V3* and forced me to send it!  Well, if it wasn't for these two guys, I wouldn't have even tried any harder and special thanks to Yo for your advice; saying "right!" instead of "left!".

Hematoma V3*

Yusuke on The Wookie V5*

Yo on Witch Hazel V5

Mar 10, 2012

Haycock Mountain

March 4th
Yo invited us to Haycock Mountain, so we went with Ikko and Rie.  It was warmer than the last Sourland climbing day, but still cold when standing still.
First, I warmed up with Bubblegum Face V0** and tried the Bubble Gum V3** and Gumball V4* but just found out that Haycock grade was hard so I hopped on the V2 of Black Angus Boulder instead.  When I got to the crimp, Yo yelled "match that!" so I matched it but since it wasn't a hold that anyone else can match, everyone else was sending it with a move including heel hook.  However, I was feeling better with the match move, so I went with it and finally sent it.  Glad that I got at least one V2 this day....

Black Angus Boulder V2

Yo on Little Fluffy Clouds V5***
Yo got on Little Fluffy Clouds V5*** that was his project and sent it with an absolutely different move that he was showing to Yusuke!!  How entertaining and humorous can you be, Yo!!  Anyway, Yusuke sent that with his hard version move, and also sent Cave Crack V5*, Gumball V4* and Rodeo Arete V4**

Yusuke on Rodeo Arete V4**
March 7th
Since the weather forecast was telling that it would be warm this day, we decided to head to Haycock Mountain again.  When we arrived at Tsunami Area, I was excited to see that there were some problems that I may be able to send.  
First, I warmed up with the V1 at Tsunami Area and got on two of the V2s.

Tsunami Area Problem#1 V2*

Tsunami Area Problem#3 V2*

After that, we moved to Bowkow Boulder where there was one V8*** that Yusuke wanted to send.  And of course he did!  While he was still trying, I tried the V2 next to it and was able to send it.

Bowkow Boulder V2*

After Yusuke sent Bowkow V8***, we moved to Area 51 and I was able to send 2 problems;
The Plug V1*

Cheese and Cracker V2*

Overall, I sent four V2s this day, which was quite good for me in one day.