Apr 29, 2012

Collection of V4s! @ Peter's Kill

taka sending Day 8 V4*
Went to The Gunks Peter's Kill with Yusuke, Yasu & Mayu.  Didn't know what other problems that I could get on, but my private coach Yusuke already had some in mind!!
We first warmed up at The Quarantine area and got on Take it Easy Wally V1* and Tree-Bola Direct-Direct V1.  Mayu was almost there to finish Take it Easy Wally V1* which would have been her first V1!  I'm sure she will get it next time.

Mayu on Take it Easy Wally V1*
Yusuke sending VD V3
 Meanwhile, Yusuke finished The Classic One V5* on his first try of this day and one of which he had on his to-do list.  Yasu and Yusuke also hopped on VD V3, the dino problem, and Yusuke also re-send it on his first try.

Yasu sending Mentos
Since Yasu wanted to get on Mentos V4*, we headed to The Rock Garden area.  For a demo, I repeated Mentos V4* and realized that this actually isn't a kind of problem that I'm bad at!  Congrats to Yasu, he sent it and also re-sent it 2 times for taking a movie!

taka sending Day 8 V4*
After lunch, we moved to Infinite Eden area to get on Day 8 V4*; a problem that Yusuke didn't finish years ago and wanted me to try.  Of course, Yusuke easily got it and as soon as I built up my own move, I sent it, too!!  (I also re-sent it to take some photos! lol)

Day 8 V4*

When moving to another area, we passed by Village Idiot V7* and just happened to see someone sending it, which of course made Yusuke eager...  I was worried of his injured fingers(caused by this problem), but got on promising not to push himself.  With all the background, I was moved to tears when he got the last hold and knew he got this problem.

Lastly, we went to the Khadejha Area to get on The Loner Boner V3*;  one of the problems Yusuke wanted me to get on.  When I first tried some of the moves, I found out that there were 3 reachy parts that I may not be able to do.  However, I stretched out as much as I could and used a difficult cross move to overcome my short lengths.  Even though this problem is said that it is more than a V3, I believe my move should have made it more harder. (Try it if you don't believe!)

Overall, I think I'm doing good these days; constantly sending V4s and V3s!

The Loner Boner V3*

Apr 15, 2012

The Gunks Lost City

Takako on V1
 Yo took Alex, Yusuke and me to The Gunks Lost City.  Since Yusuke injured his left hand and wanted to climb slowly, Yo suggested to go to the right area where there were more easy problems that Alex and I could get on.
We first warmed up on some V1s that was techy and fun!
Takako on V3
I then hopped on a V3 that looked like "my kind of style", but couldn't overcome the reachy move...  Looking at the right  photo, I now know that I can reach it if my right leg was straight!!  Next time, I'll get this.
Takako on Lighthouse V3

  Another V3 I tried was named Lighthouse V3.  This was surprisingly more of my kind!!  After finding out the start move and practicing the crux, I sent it in 2 tries.   

Yo and Yusuke was trying a A Little Something Something V5 that looked soooo bad...  Yusuke was able to send it, but didn't look like a V5!
Yo on A Little Something Something V5
Yusuke on A Little Something Something V5

Takako on Flying Jay V5
We all tried Flying Jay V5, but I couldn't get the dead point move...  If I could get that, I'm sure I can send this but I need to practice more heel hooks and straighten my heel muscle!!

I also tried Underworld V4 to increase my climbing grade pyramid, but this problem was out of my box!  No way I can send this in a while... orz
On the other hand, Alex was doing well on this problem.  So strong!

Alex on Underworld V4

Apr 12, 2012

Becoming a V4 Climber!? @Gunks Peter's Kill

Takako on Mentos V4*
  Yusuke was able to get a half-day off today, so we headed to The Gunks Peter's Kill.  He wanted to get on Tiger Style V7* which he dreamed to send for a long time, and I wanted to see if there is any possibility to try Mentos V4* which had so much moves I was weak of... heel hook and over hang...
Yusuke on Tiger Style V7*
  Yusuke however, after 3 practices of the lung move, he decided to start from the beginning so I turned on the video and he easily finished it!!!!  WOW!  He's got strong indeed!!

Takako on Mentos V4*
 Now it was my turn... earlier than expected, but had no choice but to try.  After figuring out some moves, I was ready to try from the beginning, so Yusuke turned on the video and surprisingly, I finished it so easily!!!  

Mentos V4*

 Both of us accomplished our own mission faster than expected, Yusuke hopped on Delicate Soul V7*.  It took a little bit more time than Tiger Style, but he strongly sent it! 
So again it was my turn...  I decided to get on Diving Board V1 which was one of the problems that I couldn't even start a year ago.  It took some time to find out the move, but soon after I knew how to get in position, I was able to send it!

Diving Board V1

Mentos V4* is still my 4th V4, but since the problem was absolutely not my style, I believe I am getting near to a true V4 Climber!!

Apr 7, 2012

First V4@The Gunks Trapps

Yeeeeeees!!!  Finished Lorax V4* as I announced!  Took many tries to find out the exact move, but when I found it, I was even able to resend it to take a movie.  It seems that whenever I send a V4, I'm not lucky to have the camera on, but by resending it, I can surely prove that I'm able to send a V4 not just by luck, LOL! 

Lorax V4*

Yo on New Pair of Glasses V7*
Today, we went with Yo and was planning to meet up with Hezzy, Ace & Mike, but also incidentally met with Ikko & Rie and the Kim Family!  Ikko, Ace & Mike also sent Lorax V4* and Hezzy got New Pair of Glasses V7*!!  Congrats!!  Yo was almost there, but definitely sure that he can send it next time!  While waiting, I got on Stained Boulder Problem V1 which was not as easy as I thought, but gladly sent.
Yusuke on The Budda V7*
We all moved to Andrew Boulder where each of us had our own problem to get on.  Yusuke resent The Buddha V7* and strongly sent The Illustrious Buddha V8*!!
Takako on Andrew Boulder Problem V4*
I tried Andrew Boulder Problem V4* and got to the cross move in my first try for the first time!!!  Needed to practice soooo many times but as a result, I did make a huge progress.  If I remember today's move and body balance, I may be able to get further OR by chance, finish it.  
Yusuke and Yo also got on Art of Nothing V8, but both struggled to figure out a static move from their height. 

Now that I sent three V4s, I'm surely going to get on some more to prove that I'm a V4 climber!!

Apr 1, 2012

First V4@Haycock Mountain

Yusuke and I went to Haycock Mountain with Yo today.  We first headed to Before the Storm V7* which Yusuke wanted to finish.  It took some time, but finally trusting his heel hook, he sent it as he called!
Yo was trying The Bubbler V6* and getting close to sending it, but decided to keep it for next time ; )  I'm sure he'll finish it easily.
Anyway, we moved to The Tooth, where there was a V4* that Yo recommended me to get on.  I knew from his words that he tried this problem several times to see if it works in my tiny size and short reach!!  And thanks to his effort, I was able to send it in a few tries!!!!!!  Now I finally updated my highest grade in Haycock Mountain followed by Castle Hill, NZ and Governance Stable, PA.  Hope I can send Lorax V4* in The Gunks to establish a stronger triangle!
V4* on The Tooth