Apr 29, 2012

Collection of V4s! @ Peter's Kill

taka sending Day 8 V4*
Went to The Gunks Peter's Kill with Yusuke, Yasu & Mayu.  Didn't know what other problems that I could get on, but my private coach Yusuke already had some in mind!!
We first warmed up at The Quarantine area and got on Take it Easy Wally V1* and Tree-Bola Direct-Direct V1.  Mayu was almost there to finish Take it Easy Wally V1* which would have been her first V1!  I'm sure she will get it next time.

Mayu on Take it Easy Wally V1*
Yusuke sending VD V3
 Meanwhile, Yusuke finished The Classic One V5* on his first try of this day and one of which he had on his to-do list.  Yasu and Yusuke also hopped on VD V3, the dino problem, and Yusuke also re-send it on his first try.

Yasu sending Mentos
Since Yasu wanted to get on Mentos V4*, we headed to The Rock Garden area.  For a demo, I repeated Mentos V4* and realized that this actually isn't a kind of problem that I'm bad at!  Congrats to Yasu, he sent it and also re-sent it 2 times for taking a movie!

taka sending Day 8 V4*
After lunch, we moved to Infinite Eden area to get on Day 8 V4*; a problem that Yusuke didn't finish years ago and wanted me to try.  Of course, Yusuke easily got it and as soon as I built up my own move, I sent it, too!!  (I also re-sent it to take some photos! lol)

Day 8 V4*

When moving to another area, we passed by Village Idiot V7* and just happened to see someone sending it, which of course made Yusuke eager...  I was worried of his injured fingers(caused by this problem), but got on promising not to push himself.  With all the background, I was moved to tears when he got the last hold and knew he got this problem.

Lastly, we went to the Khadejha Area to get on The Loner Boner V3*;  one of the problems Yusuke wanted me to get on.  When I first tried some of the moves, I found out that there were 3 reachy parts that I may not be able to do.  However, I stretched out as much as I could and used a difficult cross move to overcome my short lengths.  Even though this problem is said that it is more than a V3, I believe my move should have made it more harder. (Try it if you don't believe!)

Overall, I think I'm doing good these days; constantly sending V4s and V3s!

The Loner Boner V3*

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