Jun 5, 2012

Smaller the better@Peter's Kill

taka on Tree Bola V3*
 Back to May 19th, we went to Peter's Kill so that Yusuke can finish The Hop V7.  And yes, he sent it in about an hour so I decided to try Tree Bola V3*.  I figured out all the moves including how to completely avoid the tree, but since the holds were even tiny for me, I was too pumped to send it.  Oh well, I can try the next day!
 On the 20th, we had a Japanese climber day in Peter's Kill.  There was Satoshi, Yosuke, Yasu, Ikko, Rie, Yusuke and I; big party!  First, I wanted to finish up the Tree Bola V3* so that I can enjoy rest of the day.  And at last I sent it, COMPLETELY avoiding the tree of course!!  This problem made me happy to be MICRO size!

Tree Bola V3*

 Everyone had something to send.
Yusuke trying to repeat Tigerstyle V7*
Yusuke finished the super hard V4 Midget Maker V4*, Yasu finished VB V3, Satoshi repeated The Classic One V5*, Rie finished Take it Easy Wally V1*, Ikko finished Midget Maker V4* and Mentos V4* but above all, Yosuke flashed VB V3 and sent Mentos V4* on his first outdoor climbing in a decade!

Rie sending Take it Easy Wally V1*,
Yasu sending VB V3
Satoshi repeating The Classic One V5*
Ikko sending Mentos V4*
Yosuke sending Mentos V4*
 At the end of the day, we moved to Infinite Eden area to get on Cloud 9 V4, but I realized that it was a reachy problem...  and another bad thing I was reminded of was that the start of Day 8 V4* was wrong....  now I have to do it all over again :(
Good thing is that I still have a problem to work on at Pkill!!
taka working on Cloud9 V4

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