Mar 10, 2012

Haycock Mountain

March 4th
Yo invited us to Haycock Mountain, so we went with Ikko and Rie.  It was warmer than the last Sourland climbing day, but still cold when standing still.
First, I warmed up with Bubblegum Face V0** and tried the Bubble Gum V3** and Gumball V4* but just found out that Haycock grade was hard so I hopped on the V2 of Black Angus Boulder instead.  When I got to the crimp, Yo yelled "match that!" so I matched it but since it wasn't a hold that anyone else can match, everyone else was sending it with a move including heel hook.  However, I was feeling better with the match move, so I went with it and finally sent it.  Glad that I got at least one V2 this day....

Black Angus Boulder V2

Yo on Little Fluffy Clouds V5***
Yo got on Little Fluffy Clouds V5*** that was his project and sent it with an absolutely different move that he was showing to Yusuke!!  How entertaining and humorous can you be, Yo!!  Anyway, Yusuke sent that with his hard version move, and also sent Cave Crack V5*, Gumball V4* and Rodeo Arete V4**

Yusuke on Rodeo Arete V4**
March 7th
Since the weather forecast was telling that it would be warm this day, we decided to head to Haycock Mountain again.  When we arrived at Tsunami Area, I was excited to see that there were some problems that I may be able to send.  
First, I warmed up with the V1 at Tsunami Area and got on two of the V2s.

Tsunami Area Problem#1 V2*

Tsunami Area Problem#3 V2*

After that, we moved to Bowkow Boulder where there was one V8*** that Yusuke wanted to send.  And of course he did!  While he was still trying, I tried the V2 next to it and was able to send it.

Bowkow Boulder V2*

After Yusuke sent Bowkow V8***, we moved to Area 51 and I was able to send 2 problems;
The Plug V1*

Cheese and Cracker V2*

Overall, I sent four V2s this day, which was quite good for me in one day. 

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