Mar 24, 2012

The Gunks Trapps

Taka on Lorax V4*
Yusuke and I went to The Gunks Trapps today.  I wanted to try Lorax V4* to see if I became stronger than last year.  Surprisingly, I easily figured out how to get to the mantle position and can get there smoothly.  However, I just can't get the last hold!!!  After getting the opposite faced pinch hold with my left hand, I try to rock over by heel hooking the lip, but by the time I found this move, I was too tired...  Well, maybe next time I can send this when I'm fresh.
Yusuke on A New Pair of Glasses V7
On the other hand, Yusuke sent two V7s and a very bad V4 within 2-3 hours! Both A New Pair of Glasses V7* and Dirty White Boys and Puerto Ricans V7* were highball problems and very scary just spotting him...  I'm glad he sent it in just a few tries or my heart wouldn't last. 
Don't know when we will be back to the Trapps, but I definitely want to finish Lorax V4* which will be my first V4 in The Gunks!
Yusuke on The Fin V4*
Yusuke lunging on Dirty White Boys and Puerto Ricans V7*

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