Mar 19, 2012

Governor Stable

Taka on Yeast V4****
 Since the weather forecast said that it would be warm, we decided to head to Governor Stable in Pennsylvania with Yasu & Mayu.  It was actually a bit too hot for bouldering, but Mayu & I enjoyed the coming of Spring.
Taka on Crux of The Lieutenant V1****

 We first stopped at the Upstream Area and we all warmed up with Private Slabby V0*****.  Good job to Mayu, since it should have been the highest boulder problem she ever tried!!!  Then I tried The Lieutenant V1**** , which was so techie considering to a V1; smearing to a high crimp foot hold while holding to a sloppy gaston!! With relief, I hopped on The Scoop V0**** and then tried Balarete V3****, but again this problem was all about  balance; getting to a slot hold with your right hand low near your right foot.

Balarete V3****

Mayu on Glass Arete V1*****
I also had a hard time figuring out an easy way to send Glass Arete V1*****, but after all, I went with Yasu's scary move!  Mayu was doing good for a beginner, figuring out her own move using a knee bar!!  I bet she learned a lot by herself this day.
She OS three V0s and flashed three V0s, which of one Yasu was screaming "Spot shite-! Shinu-!", meaning "Spot me or I'm gonna die!".
Yasu on Bread Loaf Arete V4*****

But Yasu did send his first V4; Balarete SD version and almost sent Bread Loaf Arete V4*****.

Yusuke on Cobra V5*****

Yusuke sent all the easy stuff we got on and also a 5 star V5; Moby's Dick V5*****He tried Cobra V5***** but unfortunately, this problem was for big guys....


Actually, I also sent my FIRST V4 in the States!!  It only took 2 tries, so I believe this problem was made just for me!
Yeast V4****

Since I didn't want this V4 to look just too easy, I looked for a 5 star V3 to get on and sent it with my own move. 
Casablanca V3*****

Overall, I loved Governor Stable!!  There were tons of easy problems even with stars on them and the problems were definitely my style : )

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