Jun 30, 2013

Digest of Last Climbs in the Northeast

It was hectic for the past month having my mother stay for 2 weeks, Yusuke getting a job in Washington and moving within 2 weeks of notice.  But knowing that we are moving out from the Northeast, we were desperate to go to places we haven't gone to climb.  Here are the places we last went;

Apr. 14, 2013 @ local area near home

Same faces when you're aiming at a small crimp!
Everyone looking at Yusuke's exciting climb!
 Look at these overhangs!  Not suited for a beginner climber like me!
Betty...  posing for a shoot

Apr. 21 @ GUNKS Near Trapps

Having toooo much fun (i.e. drinks) with Glen staying over, I was hungover (or rather more still drunk) this day...
I tried to climb since it was our first time to climb with Rina but I just couldn't get the alcohol out and couldn't even finish a V1!

Apr. 24, 2013 @ IP area

Hopped on the tour that Charlie arranged since it was our first time there.  The problems were mostly too hard for me so I decided to join as a picture taker(not as good to call as a photographer!).

Apr. 27, 2013 @ Pawtuckaway
We decided to go to Pawtuckaway but the usual parking lot was not open yet and had to walk 20 min from the far side of the area so it was a late start this day.  Yusuke got on some problems and finished Maxim V7 but got stuck on Dopeman V8.

I on the other hand couldn't find any problem to project, so just got on and sent Cause for Commotion V2***and Ice Tea V3**.

May 4-5, 2013 @ Pawtuckaway

Since Yusuke was desperate to get Dopeman, we returned to Pawtuckaway with Yojiro.  Yusuke finished Dopeman with his first try, repeated Ride the Lightning V6 & Terrorist V6, and also got another V8, V5 and 2 other V4s.  What a sendage!!
Yo followed with a send on Atlas V6/7!  Congrats!

I just hopped on a Zap V3 which was impossible for me a year ago, but actually able to finish it this day!!

 The next day, Yusuke suggested me to get on Power and Grace V3**.  At first, I couldn't even start but once I got it, I was even able to repeat this problem for filming ;p  However, this start move seems to be more than enough; looks like people (even Yusuke a year ago) start from the high left hand that I get for the first move!!
Yusuke was strong this day too.  He sent another V7, The Big Ocean V7****.

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