Apr 7, 2013

Fun Climbing@GUNKS Trapps

 Yesterday was a Trapps day since I wanted to retry Gold Stone Traverse V4 and asked Yusuke if we can go to the Trapps instead of Lost City.  Unfortunately, we found out the start hold was way left from the arete that I was starting from, so I was no more motivated to finish this problem.
  Anyway, I had a very fun time with Yo and Tim who joined us and also it was exciting to see Yusuke finishing Gill's Egg V4 which was his long time life work(!?) because of the big dyno.

Yusuke finishing Gill's Egg V4

Yo was also trying and touched the hold sooo many times!  why couldn't you hold on to it....
Tim of course finished it before and was just warming up.

Cute doggie we met.

Tim on Lin Hill Traverse V8

Yusuke trying to resend Lin Hill Traverse V8

Some photos that Yusuke took.

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