Sep 4, 2012

First V5@Cooper's Rock, WV

For our Labor Day's holiday, we decided to spend 5 days at Cooper's Rock State Park in West Virginia.  The first day was mainly for travel; taking 6 hours drive from home, but Yusuke hopped on some problems and sent three V5s in the Upper Rock City Area!!

On the second day, we started from the Tilted Tree Area and I sent two V2s as a warm up and tried Moby's Dick V3**** which is one of the famous problem in Cooper's Rock.  Even though it took quite a few tries for a V3, I was glad to send this cool problem!

Moby's Dick V3****

Third day, Yasu and Mayu joined us and first went to the Picnic Table Area.  Yasu finished a V3 and a V4; good start!!  And Mayu sent her first V2!  Congrats!  After that, we moved to the Upper Rock City Area and I sent Dextrose V3**, but Mayu ONSITED another V2 which was even hard for me!!  When we moved to the Tomb Raider Rock, we bumped into Frenchy, Megan & Peter. 
The strong guys started to get on the Tomb Raider Roof V7***, a super hard V7 that even Frenchy was struggling, but Yusuke was the first to get it this day!!!  Good Job!

Unfortunately, it was pouring rain when we woke up on the forth day.  Probably because of RAINMAKER Yasu...  so Yusuke and I went to a nearby winery, Forks of Cheat Winery and bought a couple of wine and then had delicious pizza for a late lunch/early dinner at Mountain State Brewing Co.

On our last day, we only had time till noon considering the travel back home, so I asked if I can try Humility V5***, a V5 that I thought was doable for me.  It took around 1.5 hour but finally got my FIRST V5!!!

Humility V5***

Since we had a little bit more time, Yusuke and I got on Proana V4*** and Exorexic V3***; both finished as a great closure for this trip.

Proana V4***

Exorexic V3***

<Problems Sent>
Upper Rock City Area
 Dextrose V3**
Tilted Tree Area
 Cyrax V2**
 Qaid V2* -> OS
 Humility V5***
 Moby's Dick V3****
 Exorexic V3***
 Proana V4***

Morgantown Brewing Company
 Loved the beer!!  They had 8 on tap which was all awesome but cheap.  Food was rather normal bar food. 
Black Bear
 Burritos and beer at a very cheap price.  Not bad if you like burritos, tortillas and quesadillas.   

Forks of Cheat Winery
 Unique local wine line ups.  We especially liked Schwartzer Bar and Chambourcin.

Mountain State Brewing Co.
 Pizza was excellent!!!  Even the small size is like 15 inch so it was too much for two of us but I thought this place is worth to go even though the beer was not as good as Morgantown Brewing Co.

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