Aug 27, 2012

Fruitful Weekend with Hero

Hero on Tiger Style V7*
 A climber friend from Japan visited us during his business trip to Detroit.  Not being able to go anywhere without a car, he decided to fly over for the weekend to see us!
 Since he wasn't able to climb during the last 2 weeks, he requested to go to the Gunks.  Although of the blank, he sent all the easy stuff in one try and even finished Tiger Style V7* in a few tries!!!
 After tons of climbing at Peter's Kill, we headed to a local climber friend's BBQ party.  We all had a great time with climber friends and meeting new climbers, but by the time we thought we had enough alcohol, it was already past 1am!!

 Next morning, I made Japanese style breakfast (grilled salmon, tamagoyaki, bacon wrapped okura, carrot kinpira and miso soup);since it is better after drinking alot!  Then headed for sightseeing in Manhattan.
First went to see the Statue of Liberty which was also my first time to see it!  It was a beautiful day for taking photos and we were all shooting like tourists! LOL
After the tour to Statue of Liberty, we went to SOHO area for some shopping and made a quick drive through Manhattan.  Too bad Hero had to take a flight back early, but we promised that we'd go on a climbing trip together!

<Random shots from New York sightseeing>
Lucky shot of seagull

Seagull wanting to go to the city oneday...

My original shot of Statue of Liberty

Ad made by 5 planes


Times Square

Late lunch/early dinner at Heartland Brewery

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