Jan 7, 2012

Hueco Tanks, TX -Food-

About food we had during our climbing trip to Hueco Tanks.  Details about climbing are updated in a separate article; Hueco Tanks, TX -Climbing- and see Yusuke's blog for his extremely fruitful climbing!


Jaxon's Restaurant & Brewing Co.
Liked the Cactus Jax wings, that are buffalo wings and the rib eye steak was very tender.  Beer of course are all good, but they do not serve all 8 types at once; only 3-4 types on both days that we went.
New Orleans Shrimp
Rib eye steak

Cattleman's Steakhouse Indian Cliffs Ranch
Worth driving an hour from the city!  Also great that they are open 365 days.  We shared the 2 pound T-Bone Steak "The Cowboy" which came with delicious ranch beans and coleslaw!  Too bad that they don't have beer on tap.

Pepe's Tamales
Best Tamale ever!!  They sell 3 types, Red Chile Pork, Green Chile Chicken, Green Chile Cheese by the dozen, half dozen, and individual, but unfortunately they only had pork this day.   Loved it so much that I ate half dozen in two days!!

Rudy's BBQ
We had Briskets, Pork Ribs, Baby Back Ribs and 2 types of sausages.  On another day, we also tried Prime Rib that was only sold on weekends, and this was soooo yummy!!   The sandwiches were also awesome.  I loved the Pulled pork sandwich so much that I even suggested the other two guys to have it!

9201 Gateway Blvd W El Paso, TX 79925
 Might not be the best Mexican in El Paso, but we love the entertainment, especially the huge margarita!!
ランキングに入っていたメキシカンもあったが、前回行ったココのマルガリータを飲みたくて再訪w 今回はジャイアントサイズをオーダー。もちろんビール一杯、テキーラショットの後に飲み干しましたが、翌日はお昼までアルコールが抜けなかったw

Toro Burger
The first time, we had Toro Burger that has avocado in it, and added different kinds of onions.  The second time, I had S.O.B. Burger; swiss cheese + onion + maplewood smoked bacon with BBQ sauce.  Both burgers were delicous!  What was best was how much beer they have on tap!!  This day, they had 23!
Toro Burger w/wine glazed onions
Toro Burger w/crispy onions
S.O.B. Burger
Blue Burger w/maple smoked bacon
Famous Dave's
Didn't forget to have the award winning St. Louis Rib-N-Meat BBQ Combo!  This place was good to have beer and sit around with good BBQ, but we all agreed that Rudy's was the best.
Peter Piper Pizza
Just thought to drop by to get a piece of pizza on our way to the White Sands National Monument, but found out that this place was not just a fast food pizza place, they serve freshly baked pizza!!  They even have a game corner that a family can spend all day.

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