Oct 17, 2011

Lincoln Woods State Park

This weekend, we went to Lincoln Woods State Park, Rhode Island with Ikko & Rie.  It was our 2nd time, so I wanted to finish The Wave V2*** which I couldn't even get to the crux last time.  I tried it on the second day, and sent it in 4-5 tries!  Other than that, I repeated Mack's Traverse V2*** and lots of V0 to V2s.

 Maybe this trip was the most I ever climbed!  Sooo exhausted...

Rie also tried lots of problem despite of her shoulder injury.  I hope she gets well soon so that she can climb as she wishes.
The best part of this trip was Ikko's aggressive try to Iron Cross V4****!
YES!!!  He was strong and finally sent his first V4 even without trying any V3s!!  Hurray!!  And first time that I had tears in my eyes with happiness to someone sending a problem.

Yusuke, strong as usual, sent the long version of this V4 that maybe V7ish, and of course, lots and lots and lots of other problems (as usual!).
Shiro was sleepy as usual...