Oct 10, 2011

Hobbit Hole!!! (Pawtuckaway NH)

 YES!  I sent Hobbit Hole V3**** at Pawtuckaway, NH.  This was my first four star V3 problem that I got!  Actually, I tried this problem once in September, but since there was a reachy part, I couldn't figure out a move for myself...  This time, I saw a very strong man crossing his right hand in the crack instead of bumping your left hand (like the left photo).  You can't imagine how polished it is inside this crack...  That's why everyone uses the good stance at the bottom, but since I couldn't reach it, I used a very high crimp to move my feet.  As you know, high feet are BAD for slopers...  I felt soooo relieved when I got the jug! 

Hobbit Hole V3****

Some other problems I hopped on.

Essentials V2* ;Fun slab problem, even if you don't like slabs!

Squeeze Play V2* ;The crux is how slim you can be!! Haha!

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