Jul 11, 2011

Nova Scotia & Green Gables

From July 1st to 7th, Yusuke took me to Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island (PEI).  The trigger for this trip was Luke, a climber from NS who we met last year at Squamish BC.  Since we moved nearer to NS than we were living in Japan, Yusuke decided to get hold of Luke and asked him if he can show us climbing areas.  This climbing trip was also meant to make my dream of seeing Green Gables come true!!  How sweet of him!!!!!

:+: First day :+:+:+:+:+:+:+:+:
Luke took us to Dover Island which was boulder's heaven.
 I could only finish two V2s, but I was the most closest to send Big's Problem V4* among all the strong climbers!!  Yusuke sent V8 on the very first day!! Hurray!!
 For dinner, Ben & Krissy kindly invited us to their home for a pot-luck BBQ.  It was actually our first experience and we were lost till Luke told us what to do.  Hope we didn't disappoint anyone...

:+: Second day :+:+:+:+:+:+:+:+:
Our rest day, we visited Lunenburg, a very old and beautiful village.  See how colorful and well decorated the buildings are.
After we left Lunenburg, we went to a restaurant called Economy Shoe Shop in Halifax that Luke recommended.   Food and beer was good and cheap as he said!

:+: Third day :+:+:+:+:+:+:+:+:
A bit rainy but we headed to Land of Confusion to climb.  Good that we tried because the weather became better when we started climbing.  Approach to the boulder area was a long walk, but I enjoyed the petit hike taking pictures of little wild flowers.  Oh, I did finish Hollow Man V3*, which was a scary slab problem!
On our way home, we hit a restaurant and grabbed a delicious lobster plate!!

:+: Fourth day :+:+:+:+:+:+:+:+:
The day I've been waiting since I first read "Anne of Green Gables"!!  Yusuke drove us to PEI which took around 4 hours.  I'm soooo lucky to have such a loving husband!!
Green Gables
Feeling as Anne ; )
Back to Halifax, we went to another restaurant Brooklin Warehouse that Luke recommended.  This place seemed to be ranked in best restaurants and YES the food and beer was the most delicious of all we went during our trip.

:+: Last day :+:+:+:+:+:+:+:+:
Climbing at Chebucto.  Since there were not much problems that I could get on, I just tried some for fun and here I also enjoyed the beautiful view and all the wild flowers while walking from boulder to boulder.

Overall, I didn't climb much but this trip was a very precious trip to me!

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