Jun 27, 2011

UBC & Peter's Kill

Saturday, we went to see the Unified Bouldering Championships@Central Park.  Since I've never seen a competition with my own eyes, and I thought it was lucky that such competition was held at a close place, I asked Yusuke to take us.  And YES it was soooo HOT & AWESOME!!! 
I hope to see more competitions if we have any chance.

Sunday, we meet up with Yasu, Diana & Luke at Peter's Kill.  First I tried Tree-Bola Direct-Direct V1* which I couldn't make the first move last time.  Somehow, I had no problem this time and finished it!  Maybe I became a bit stronger than before.
Tree-Bola Direct-Direct V1* The Quarantine Bola Boulder

Moving to Warm Up Boulder, I also finished Sidewalk Abreviated V0 and Fire Escape V1*.
Fire Escape V1* Khadejha Area Warm Up Boulder

The last move of Fire Escape V1* was really reachy and took so many tries to finish... so glad when I got it at last!

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