Dec 5, 2013

New Projects Accomplished@Bishop

Sending Bleached Bones V4***
 Our bouldering trip for Thanksgiving was Bishop.  We flew into LV which took 3 extra hours due to the rain but had enough time to have time with P before sleeping.  Thanks, P & G for letting us stay at your place. :)

 We took off to Bishop early in the morning of 24th so that we can have a chance to get on some boulders in the afternoon.  However, it seemed like it snowed in Buttermilks the day before and could only get on some dry ones.
 During the week, we climbed at Sad and Happy for the first 3 days which paid off; able to climb at Buttermilks afterwards.

 I was planning to get on Birthday Direct V3*** which was my project from last year, and was able to get further but got stuck where my reach was extended.  Maybe I have to dead point the pinch... oh well...

 Other problems I was aiming at were Bleached Bones V4** and Serengeti V5***.  Thanks to G & C's advice, I got Bleached Bones V4** with the awesome knee bar move and the nice crash pad shade!
Knee bar!
Perfect crash pad shade

Trying Serengeti V5***
Serengeti V5*** might be doable if I work on it, but I'll have to get used of the heel hook at that height!!

 At Buttermilks when Yusuke was getting on Fly Boy Sit V8***, many people were trying the Fly Boy Arete V5** which looked easy so I hopped on.  I didn't have a chance to link the whole part because the sun went down but I finished it in 3 tries the next day.

 The last problem I did on this trip was one that Yusuke kept recommending, King Tut V3***.  At first I couldn't figure out a small people move and the next time I tried it was too hot, so I went back after sunset and finished it in 1 try!

 So glad that I got on some new problems and actually sent them!!

Warming up on Cilley Mantel V0*
Warming up on Circle of Life V0+*
Yusuke sending his first double digit! Beef Cake V10***
Shiro found a warm and cozy place to chill out
Messing around with Iron Man V4***
G warming up on Grandma!!!

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