Aug 19, 2013

First Climb@Leavenworth, WA

Warming up on THE HUECO ROUTE V1***
We managed to go on our first outdoor bouldering trip to Leavenworth, WA on the weekend of Aug.16th and Aug.30th.

On our first trip, I only tried easy stuff because it was soooo long before we climbed outside, but at least I was glad to finish a V3.

Both trips we camped at a campsite nearby the center of Leavenworth; just beside the highway, convenient but noisy...  Good to have a clean shower though!
I loved the cute signs that were themed on a Bavarian Village, and of course we enjoyed the food and beer!
Gas Station
Mcdonalds' of course!
Gas Station & Subway
Quich & Raspberry Scone@Gingerbread Factory

Fresh Peach Waffles@Sandy's Waffle and Dinner Haus
Our daily breakfast place@Bavarian Bakery

Main street of Leavenworth
Yusuke crushing V7s V8s and V9!
Yusuke gets Hanta man V9**
Yusuke finishes Dangle V7** with his favorite heel mantel

Shiro became Kuro-chan(meaning black) now... looks like the dirt was black, maybe because of the past fire?
Tried to wash Shiro, but this was the most he could get in!!

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