Sep 23, 2011

Picture Frame & Compact Mirror

 Designed and blinked a picture frame.  Since it came out beautifully, I think I'll bring this as a gift for my best friend when I meet her next month!

Also blinked a mirror as a sample of what I may be able to sell at my friend's shop or at my Etsy store.

Sep 11, 2011

8" Digital Photo Frame

Wondering what wedding gift would be convenient and also beautiful to blink, and came up with a digital photo frame.

I knew they loved the nature, so I designed the frame with leaves. Hope they liked it! : )

I also designed and blinked a card to go with the wrapping ribbons that I put some crystals on, too.


Sep 6, 2011

Pawtuckaway NH

We went on our 2nd climbing trip to Pawtuckaway, NH this weekend.
I didn't make a report for the 1st trip because I had no motivation to climb and had nothing particular to write down...
But on this trip, I was motivated when Yusuke climbed one of the problems for a warm up that I couldn't even start last time.   Watching his move, there was an inspiration, so after warming up on Edges v2* and Another World v1*, I tried this Power and Grace v3** and I made the start so easily!  What was going on???  Anyway, I managed to finish this problem with few tries!
My motivation stayed during this trip and was able to finish two other 2 stared v2s.

Edges v2*

Power and Grace v3**

Black Widow Action v2**

The Marathon v2**

Other than climbing, we enjoyed dinner(w/beer of course!) at Martha's Exchange Restaurant and Brewing and T-Bones Great American Eatery!!  Martha's special menu for the day, a seafood dish was soooo yummy that I ate too much, and absolutely the T-Bone's T-Bone steak, again an unforgettable taste!! 

And another thing I look forward to when we go outside to climb, is to find  nature's creatures and interesting plants.  This time I found tons of interesting mushrooms!

Colorful Mushrooms

3 Sets of Twin Mushrooms
Mushroom like a coral
Tiny orange lizard