Sep 6, 2011

Pawtuckaway NH

We went on our 2nd climbing trip to Pawtuckaway, NH this weekend.
I didn't make a report for the 1st trip because I had no motivation to climb and had nothing particular to write down...
But on this trip, I was motivated when Yusuke climbed one of the problems for a warm up that I couldn't even start last time.   Watching his move, there was an inspiration, so after warming up on Edges v2* and Another World v1*, I tried this Power and Grace v3** and I made the start so easily!  What was going on???  Anyway, I managed to finish this problem with few tries!
My motivation stayed during this trip and was able to finish two other 2 stared v2s.

Edges v2*

Power and Grace v3**

Black Widow Action v2**

The Marathon v2**

Other than climbing, we enjoyed dinner(w/beer of course!) at Martha's Exchange Restaurant and Brewing and T-Bones Great American Eatery!!  Martha's special menu for the day, a seafood dish was soooo yummy that I ate too much, and absolutely the T-Bone's T-Bone steak, again an unforgettable taste!! 

And another thing I look forward to when we go outside to climb, is to find  nature's creatures and interesting plants.  This time I found tons of interesting mushrooms!

Colorful Mushrooms

3 Sets of Twin Mushrooms
Mushroom like a coral
Tiny orange lizard

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