May 31, 2011

Gunks Peter's Kill

On May 28th, Yusuke took YS and me to Gunks Peter's Kill. I first tried Tree-Bola Direct-Direct V1, but I couldn't get the first hold so I started from that hold and was able to top out. I'll have to find a way to start with my height.
The next problem I tried was Take it Easy Wally V1*. Yusuke showed us a beta but as it was too reachy for me, I had to find out my own way.
This movie is how I sent it.

After that Yusuke showed us how Mentos V4* looks, but even before I tried, I knew this was a kind of problem I would never even be able to start... So I did Will You V1 instead, LOL.

Another problem I finished was Seven Sugars V2. At first, I couldn't even get the 2nd hold, but I realized that if I swung with only my right hand, I may reach it! The 3rd cross move was also a crux to me and took time to find out where to put my right toe. My first top out was unexpected so I did it again to take a movie. (however, the movie starts from the 2nd move because I started before the camera was ON)

When it started to become a bit cooler, Yusuke and I moved to Trapps so that Yusuke can try Box Car Arete V8*. He was soooo close to sending it on his 2nd try of the day! I'm sure he will finish it next time.

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