Apr 15, 2011

Starting my Blog

 Since I started blink art, I decided to begin a blog to introduce my work.  However, I'm also into rock climbing, so I'll be writing about our climbing days, too.

To start, these are some of my work during Blink Art School.
My first and second iPhone cases were made for my darling.   Both color and design were requested from him.

Requested from my friend, I blinked her iPhone case, too!
This butterfly was originally designed by her.  First gradation art for me!
My climbing friend asked to blink her iPhone case with her initial M in gold.  Matrix was also her choice, but the color was soooo cute that I myself enjoyed working on this!
Another friend asked to blink her favorite character.  This was one of the most challenging but fun to work on!  Shame that I only have a picture left for me...

 For fun, I blinked my little mirror and paper clips! (candy is for size comparison)
 Also blinked my iPhone and calculator!!

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